A fully NIMBLE mobile
tax refund solution

Our NIMBLE tax refund solution is based on modern mobile phone technology that enables you to issue digital Tax Refund forms quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Our full suite solution also enhances your international tourists’ tax-free shopping experience with you.

Issue Tax Refund Forms
in 3 Seconds

With the Tourego Nimble solution, you can issue tax refund forms in three seconds, compliant* and without errors. 

*avoid issuing tax refund forms to repeated non-eligible purchases 

Tax refund dollars
conversion to sales

With Tourego, you can offer tourists the option to convert their tax refund to value vouchers and spend in your stores.

Drive Action with Data

Track and trace every interaction with each international shopper and turn that data into reports that help analyze and forecast your customers business. With Tourego Nimble Insights, you get on-demand reports for visualising, understanding, and interacting with your data.

Supercharge your sales

Increase the rate of Second Purchases in your stores!
With Tourego, tourists can now use their tax refunds to spend more with you instantly.