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World's first licensed operator to offer a full-mobile tax refund experience

Guided by our User First Strategy, Tourego is the market leader for consumer-centric innovation in the tourist refund industry. First to launch a fully digital and secure solution that eliminated paperwork, we were also first to eliminate queues at the airport with declarations completed (and refund monies received) with just a few taps of our mobile application.

Our patented technology powers the mobile solution used by government partners such as the Singapore Tourism Board and commercial partners including UnionPay International and major banks.

Tourego strives to deliver the ultimate tourist refund experience worldwide, as we expand our global footprint to cover the major cities in North and Southeast Asia and also Europe.

Founder & CEO


A tourist himself, Tie Wee is amazed by the incredible inconveniences his fellow tourists are made to suffer just to get the tax refund that is rightfully theirs. As an entrepreneur, Tie Wee is surprised by the glacial pace of innovation in the tourist refund industry. And Tourego was born.

Tie Wee’s unique professional experience combines tax practice as Senior Manager of VAT at PwC’s Beijing office  and regulatory expertise as Director of the GST department at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. Together with other members of Team Tourego, who inject technological expertise and a deep understanding of the retail world, Tie Wee wants to remould the tourist refund experience throughout the world. 


Our milestones

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Singapore Patent No. 11201705723P
Korea Patent No. 10-2469607
Japan Patent No. 7235847

FINTECH Certified


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