Happy Chinese New Year from Tourego!

Download the pre-launch version of Tourego including shopping list and comprehensive tourism information on Chinese New Year eve which unwraps in jubilant festivities and treats in Singapore (tax-refund features are coming up this summer).

For 3 weeks prior to the start of Chinese New Year which lands on January 28 this year, you are able to soak in the festive mood throughout the island with celebrations in the form of colorful processions, seasonal markets, riotous lion dances and overlaying it all, the excited chatter and laughter of people meeting up, exchanging gifts for good luck and feasting on special dishes.

Tourego is proud to announce our pre-launch version of product by Chinese New Year on Jan 27, to serve in-coming tourists with a rich guide into all aspects of Singapore, as well as shopping list to recommend you where to buy your favourite product from Singapore.