New Tourego App Update

Starting from April 4, 2019, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”)  digitized the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) and no longer allows the scanning of tax refund tickets at the airports. As a Tourego user, this will have minimal impact on you as your tax refund transactions are already fully digital. Nonetheless, we have upgraded our app and incorporated new features and optimizations to improve your shopping experience under the new eTRS. Therefore, please update your app to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the best tax-free shopping experience with Tourego.

The following is a quick guide to help you to do tax refund easily with Tourego:

(While shopping at a store/merchant)

Step 1:

Download Tourego App and register as a Tourego user;

Step 2:

Head to a Tourego participating merchant and make a purchase;

Step 3:

At the point of purchase, show your passport to the cashier and click “Get Refund” to display your unique Tourego user QR code to begin the tax refund process.

*If you can’t download Tourego App at the time, you can get the cashier to create a Tourego account for you by scanning your passport to begin the tax refund process.

(While obtaining tax refund at the airport)

Step 1:

Find the GST self-service kiosk at any terminal of the airport;

Step 2:

Swipe your passport at the self-help kiosk to begin;

Step 3:

Follow the instructions to complete the tax refund process;

Step 4:

Click on “View Refunds” to review the statuses of your tax refund transactions.

Tourego is the world’s first government-certified mobile tax refund agency, providing professional digital refund experiences since 2017. Tourego users only need to download and register the Tourego app to enjoy paperless tax-free shopping at Tourego’s affiliated merchants. With Tourego, you can save up to 6% while shopping in Singapore. The more you buy, the more you save!

Please allow time for the refund process before your flight departs. If you are selected for Customs inspections, here is the list you need to present for Customs:

– your passport

– receipts

– goods

– your boarding pass/ confirmed air ticket

Update your Tourego app today and enjoy the best tax refund experience!